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I learned how to develop and print black and white pictures from film when I as in the seventh grade.  I’ve been doing photography part time professionally since 1983; including over 300 weddings, studio and outdoor portraits, and just about every kind of sports imaginable.  I switched from film to digital photography in 2004.

I worked for and have been published in several local newspapers; my pictures have been displayed in the Reading Museum, several restaurants and coffeeshops, even on a billboard.

I published a book about the Phillies winning the World Series in 2008 and my images have since been published in two other books: The Philadelphia Phillies: An Extraordinary Tradition, a history of the Phillies; and My First Phanatic Book, a childrens book about the beloved mascot. 

I rarely leave the house without at least one of my NIKON cameras.  I’m currently using a D500, a camera with unimaginable abilities just a few years ago, and a variety of Nikon lenses. 

Using a camera to capture milliseconds of time allows me to become focused on small parts of everyday events that most people don’t ever see. For example, hundreds of thousands of people attend baseball games every day, all summer long; but how many have actually seen “the cloud of dust” left behind when the bat makes contact with the ball, let alone have pictures of it. Or the look on the batter’s face just before he gets hit by a ball…

I’m a member of the Photographic Society of America, and the Upper Merion Camera Club, where I’ve been Photographer of the Year five times. 

I’ve also been a member of the Berks Photographic Society and Philadelphia Zoo Camera Club.